Peppa and george wake up. they put their clothes on and eat breakfast. When they were going to play in their room they saw something "George!" {echo} I found one of those things in a scary movie that an evil guy stabbed the knife someones stomach. "I know!" said peppa. "We can prank susie sheep!" "I am totally in Peppa!" said George peppa calls susie.susie can u come over to play? "I will love to!" said susie. Meanwhile,she comes over, "Susie you must be tired go to sleep on the couch" Mean while,when she sleeps they stab the stomach with the knife [scream] Peppa george susie what is going on? "SSSSOME ONE JUST STABBED MY STOMACH WITH WITH THIS THING" "Oh dear!"Lets take susie to the hosptial" Does she need stitches Yes she does! Said Mrs.Rabbit


After that the hosptial cannot do anything about it. she told susies mom that she is gonna be just fine.