Peppa wakes up puts her clothes on and ate breakfast "Peppa! George! said mummy" we are going to Grand Nash Park! Yay said peppa! at noon they drive oops said daddy i have to go pee he goes intill 1:25 they drive to the park finally! look said peppa theres a cliff! danny is beside her,they jump together (danny is with no parent) PEPPA DANNY YOU GUYS ARE GROUNDED FOR 54332783788387287398408484 YEARS NOW MOVE IT MOVE IT said mummy Police officer knows that children were jumping down. he catches them what were u guys up to? we were jumping down the cliff its fun i know its fun said the officer but its DANGEROUS! DANGEROUS? said danny and peppa YES SAID THE OFFICER! u kids are gonna go to jail 4 years in prison kids SHUT UP KIDS U GOT A NEW FRIEND OOPS THERES 2! YAYYYAYAYY SAID THE KIDS he leaves it open its our chance to escape! they escape and go home. Mummy and george and daddy were at home danny dog came with a good landing and peppa well she hurted her head your still grounded peppa!